Sunday, October 30, 2011

MM (a.k.a Magical Morning)

It's quiet.
Only the sound of a cicada busting his ass.
And occasionally the sound of a train bustling on the nearby railway.
Or the leaves rustling with the coming breeze.

It's quiet, and cold.
The air is surprisingly fresh.
There's a smell of peace in the air.
Alongside with the smell of burning cocoa from a nearby factory.

It's quiet, and calm.
Not a soul can be seen, not a movement can be found.
But a cat just jumped from the roof.
And it startled me around.

It's really quiet.
And the sky is so clear.
The stars are peeking out among the clouds.
But then maybe it's just an airplane flying about.

Yes, it's quiet.
But I can hear a moaning sound.
I didn't dare to think who the hell is making those.
Whether my neighbor, a ghost, or a hound.

It's damn quiet.
But I like it like this.
I can really use some company, though.
To go through this kind of bliss.

It is quiet.
But I can see myself grinning.
'Cause tomorrow will be a new day.
Beginning with this magical morning.

Good morning.

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